White team deploy high quality personnel/ expert teams for multinational corporations in order to secure strategic business interests and objectives.

White team provide strategic representation, coordination, communication, negotiation and information in order to fulfill our clients needs in industrialized and developing countries.

The team members are supported by external supporting elements, our carefully selected partners and highly experienced specialist and experts on various fields and work fully embedded or independent the company we support.

The team members are trained to work at a strategic-, operational-, and tactical level providing strategic value or effect.

Response time: 6 hrs for our established clients, with a global reach.



1. Pathfinders

2. Surrogates/ Pilot teams

3. Liaison teams/ Mentoring teams

4. Mobile observation teams

5. Specialists & Experts


Specified tasks

1. Facilitate for business to establish in developing countries.

2. Secure business interests and investments.

3. Strategic decision making & execution support





Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kenneth Bjerkelund
kenneth.bjerkelund@leadingchange.no/ contact@leadingchange.no


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