Veteran organizations

NRFThe Norwegian Reserve Officers Association (Norske Reserveoffiserers Forbund (NROF)
is a political independent organization. Norwegian citizens who serve, or have served in the Armed Forces as officers, non-commissioned or enlisted personnel can be members of the NROF.
NROF’s vision is a reserve of competent reserve-officers, able to handle national crisis and international service. The association promotes Norwegian interests relevant to national security and the Armed Forces. In summary, NROF focuses on developing the military skills of the members through a variety of military sports, building their competence and support them through Employer Support.
The organization has 57 branches covering all of Norway, with a total membership of approximately 7000.

NVIOThe Norwegian Veterans Association for International Operations (NVIO)
is a non-political and volunteer organisation for military personnel having participated in international operations, their dependents, and others who support NVIO’s work. NVIO is engaged in extensive work among veterans with problems. In addition to organising meetings for members, and being a professional organisation for veterans from operations abroad and their dependents, NVIO focus on work to improve rules and regulations pertaining to veterans affairs, monthly veteran gatherings, buddy support and web based support when needed.      
NVIO has close to 7 700 members, and 57 local associations all over Norway.

siopsVeteran Association for Wounded in International Operations (Veteranforbundet for Skadde i Internasjonale Operasjoner (SIOPS))
is an independent interest group providing a dedicated service to veterans with injuries (physical or psychological) from international operations. The association work on many levels to improve the life conditions of wounded veterans, when it comes to health, social issues and economical situations. The association engages in advocacy work and guiding and support of injured veterans and their families. The latter includes legal and financial expert support alongside peer work and different kinds of activities offered. In addition, SIOPS focus on how to decrease the number of veterans developing long term and severe mental health problems after service, by engaging in early efforts and preventive measures.


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