LEAD/ HR, Finance & Administration bridge the competence gap between the military-, former military personnel and national/ international business.

LEAD/ specialise on selecting, prepare and support high quality personnel with expertise from the military- and  higher civillian or military education filling critical positions within the company in order to increase the implementation capacity of the company.

LEAD/ also provide specialist and experts on various fields, as well as full fill the companies access to relevant competence and personnel giving our partners and friends increased flexibility and the opportunity to focus on their core activities creating value for the company.


Our Services

Search, Selection & Recruitment


Consulting Services


Our People

LEAD/ select high quality personnel, with operative experience from national and international operations, normally with higher military and/ or civilian education.

LEAD/ personnel have a strong ethical and moral fundament, are loyal, have practical leadership experience and high implementation capacity, in addition their relevant expertise.

LEAD/ personnel are motivated of achieving high performance and results in collaboration with their colleges, at the same time as they see the value of contribution to a positive work environment.






ADVISER contact@leadingchange.no 

Colonel (Rtd) with 37 years experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Self deployed consultant since 2010. Focus on Leadership, Business development and reorganizations, Strategic Planning, HR and Board Activities. Comprehensive leadership experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces, working with international relations, foreign and military affairs at ministerial and national/international strategic and general staff level. Analytic and valued leadership and coordination skills.

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