The Dispora Network

Diaspora is often an extremely resourceful group of people who may be increasingly involved in humanitarian assistance, crisis response and social business development.

The diaspora network is an important partner due to their wealth of knowledge of culture, language, local network and social nuances.

In times of crisis there might be a lack of coordination mechanisms amongst the diaspora, though they are often connected to the host country communication system, government and media channels.

We believe that a close collaboration with the host nation, the local population and to comply with the national business code, is extremely important in order to secure, develop business interest and investments.

We want to support the diaspora in order to take an active role in development work, as well as to encourage to and facilitate for local business development to occur.

Our ambition is to close the cultural and practical gap between the industrialized world and development countries by becoming the bridge between the local population/ affected people, and national and international business.

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