Military operations requires extreme adaptability in order to survive, and we believe this is a fundamental skill within all military trained personnel.

The military business also requires to solve complex missions, adapt to and interact with foreign cultures, the ability to master the uncertainty and in some cases even to prevent the enemy from inflict damage on one selves to be successful.

Its all about taking control of the environment and be one step a head of the enemies decision making process.

We therefore believe that its the most adaptable to change, and the most innovative organization that succeed both in military operations and in business.

We are therefore encouraging entrepreneurship to occur, have created an organizational design ideal for creativity and innovation and build strong long term creative partnerships as part of our international creative network.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
                                                       Peter Drucker

LEAD/ is currently undertaking the huge task of implementing the full potential of the idea, and seek to establish strategic partnerships to companies and institutions which share our common purpose of promoting the veteran cause.

LEAD/ form various types partnerships related to the implementation and conceptual development and this are some of the companies and organizations we cooperate with, and which support the further development of the organization.

NHO Service

LEAD/ is part of the NHO Service project group and initiative for the veterans of Norway, and cooperate with relevant organizations in order to create a holistic strategy for veteran re integration in Norway.
For more information please click the following link: OUR VETERANS (Norwegian only)

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