LEAD/ select top notch public speakers with experience from the military to share their practical experience on various fields ranging from counter terrorism, crisis response, cultural awareness, brand security and branch specific topics.

Our intent is to give civilian companies insight in how operational experience from the military can be applied in civil business to ensure high quality, efficiency and precision on deliveries.

We develop our concepts and presentation in close collaboration with our clients in order to secure that the desired end state, message or effect is spot on the requirements of the company and employees.

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LEAD/ Talk #1 

ROBERT MOOD – Strategic Decision Making in a World of increased Complexity and Rapid Changes


LEAD/ offers a unique conference talk by Lieutenant General Robert Mood on strategic decision making in a world of increased complexity and rapid changes.

Lieutenant General with 37 years experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Focus on International security issues, strategy and veteran affairs. Board Leadership background, including Chief of Staff of the Norwegian Army, Inspector General of Veteran affairs, NATO Military representative and twice Head of Mission for the UN. Outstanding International experience at strategic and operational level, including cooperation with a wide range of civilian organizations and institutions.

Extensive personal network and charismatic public speaker. Valued for networking, risk analysis, crisis management and leadership at CEO and operational level.

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LEAD Talk #2

TONE DANIELSEN – Making Warriors in the Global Era – Transferred to High Performance Business Culture

army summit 2014

Tone oppgave

LEAD/ offers a unique conference talk by Tone Danielsen on how to culture for high performance culture within medium to big businesses, based on the field work within the naval special forces in Norway, and Danielsens life long experience from international team work in various countries.

Tone Danielsen is social anthropologist and worked since 2002 in the Norwegian Armed Forces as adviser at the Defence Staff College, senior adviser in the Ministry of Defence and now as senior researcher at FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment). Her professional focus has been apprenticeship; the military professional culture and civil-military cooperation and communication.

Danielsen has worked many years with special operations forces, and is now writing up a doctoral thesis ‘Making Warriors in the Global Era’ based on 18 months fieldwork in the Naval Special Operations Forces Commando. Danielsen has lived and worked many years in the Middle East studying identity and globalism. She also worked at the Oslo University College.

Throughout almost 20 years Danielsen has developed several courses, organised seminars and conferences, and delivered lectures international and national on cultural aspects in military operations and organisational changes. She has also been a guest researcher at University of St. Andrews.

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LEAD/ Talk #3

EVEN TVEDT – Crisis Management & Risk Mitigation


LEAD/ offers a conference talk by Even Tvedt on security risk mitigation and emergency response handling.

Tvedt is working at Yara International ASA,  where he holds the position as Crisis and Emergency Response Manager. Here he is tasked with creating a companywide system for emergency preparedness and crisis handling. He has previously held various security positions in Statoil ASA, both within Development and Production International and at Corporate level. He was central in developing Statoil’s new steering system for security risk mitigation and its methodology for assessing security risks. Tvedt has vast experience from all levels of crisis handling, both in the public and the private sector.

Tvedt has 13 years experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces. He is educated at the Norwegian Intelligence and Security School (now the Norwegian Defense Intelligence College) and he holds a civilian degree in Arabic.

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ASLAK SVERDRUP – Leadership & Organizational Development

Aslak S

LEAD/ offers a unique conference talk by Aslak Sverderup on the application of military competence in leadership and change management processes at a CEO and Board Level for increased structure, efficiency and quality.

Aslak Sverdrup is the Chairman of the Board of Making Change and is an observer at the Leading Change board. Sverdrup’s daily work is in Avinor, where he is the Airport Managing director of Bergen Airport. He is also part of Avinor’s corporate management team.

Sverderup has broad military background, from both navy and army, including several years in the Norwegian Special Operation Forces. He was a co-founder of Bestia Risk Consulting and has work in Oil and Gas exploration in Africa for four years. Sverderup has completed the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy and has education with in risk management from the UK. He is currently working on an executive MBA. Sverdrup has held several board positions.

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LEAD/ TALK #5 KENNETH BJERKELUND – Streeth Smart in Africa


LEAD/ offers a conference talk by Kenneth Bjerkelund on practical risk management, dynamic contingency planning in order to decrease potential risk to an acceptable level during operation.

Bjerkelund has experience from the Royal Norwegian Naval Special Force on a tactical and operational level, and he started the humanitarian organization Making Change after his service, leveraging the competence of former military personnel in natural- or man made disasters and crisis.

He first deployed to the tsunami in Japan in 2011 gaining experience of working in earth quake, radiation, and tsunami environment, he was the operational director of the Making Change operation in the Philippines 2013.

In 2011 he traveled alone to Sierra Leone and Liberia, in order to identify potential for social positive change and development to occur in the rural parts in these countries. In 2012 he traveled back again together leading a multinational team of experts offering their competence for free, and in 2014 he traveled from Norway working together with a British veteran fighting the ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone, together with trough and for the people as part of an united effort.

During the ebola crisis his team also evacuated a Norwegian family from the country.

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ANDERS MELAND – Stillehetens råskap – The power of silence


LEAD offers a unique conference talk by Lieutenant Commander Anders Meland on methods that can help individuals and organisations to build the flexible focus and resilience needed to sustain performance in dynamic environments characterised by tempo, change and complexity.

Anders works at the Institute of Aviation Medicine and has spent 4 years with fighter pilots and elite athletes investigating how silence and mindfulness can help them conquer, live, and flourish with high ambitions and workloads. He is now writing up a doctor thesis “The effect on mindfulness- based mental training in high performance environments”, a joint venture between the Norwegian Defence Forces, School of Sports Sciences and the Olympic training center. His new book Stillhetens råskap – is a practical guide to implement mindfulness in performance environments.

Lieutenant Commander Meland has 19 years of experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Focus on safety and optimising performance. Sports background, including head of Sports and physical education at the Royal Norwegian Naval academy, represented Norway eight years in Naval Pentathlon. Currently he also works part time at the Olympic training centre in the sport psychology section

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LEAD/ TALK #7 FREDDY BOLLE – Ytringsfrihetens pris (Norwegian text only)

Freddy Bolle

Freddy Bolle har 20 års erfaring med å jobbe med utagerende og ungdommer som er i krise. Han startet også en barneverninstitusjon i 2002 sammen med en kollega. Den hadde 70 ansatte før den ble fusjonert med en annen bedrift av samme art i 2014.

Freddy er en av fire brødre hvor tre av dem havnet i Forsvaret over lengre tid. Han har tjenestegjort for Forsvaret i Libanon, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo og Afghanistan. Han har opplevd krig og traumer på disse oppdragene. Familien hans har også betalt en pris med at han mistet en bror i tjeneste for Forsvaret, og en annen bror som fikk PTSD etter utenlandstjeneste.

Han forteller om dette mm, og det å leve under trusler med politibeskyttelse her hjemme i Norge. Går mye i dybden av sine erfaringer, og hva han gjør for å gå videre i livet. Det å reise seg opp etter å ha blitt truffet av en knyttneve flere ganger i livet.

“En spennende foredragsholder med en sterk og annerledes historie. Freddy forteller om et spesielt yrke, en spesiell familie, veivalg og konsekvenser. Setter ting i perspektiv.” Deltaker

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